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You can destory planets, but you can NEVER destroy what I am . . . friend . . . I AM THE HOPE OF THE UNIVERSE! -Son Goku


My name is Gokusgirl, and welcome to GOKU'S DOMAIN! I am a huge fan of Dragonball Z. I think that DBZ is the best anime of all time! My site is dedicated to Akria Toriyama's masterpiece, which was created over ten years ago!

JULY 28, 2000 Yes…I know I am supposed to be updating. But unfortunately that came to a screeching halt when I accidentally deleted my web banners page! I nearly freaked out! So now I'm doing some major backtracking trying to find the images and html codes to put that area back up. So please be patient! I decided to take out a few of my items on my menu, and I decided that I want to put on fanfiction section. So if anyone has a good fanfic, send it to me! Either send it in a doc. File (Word 2000 or 97) or in txt. Format would be preferred. Of course, the fanfictions MUST be about Dragonball Z! And as far ratings go…I'll take anything. Action/adventure, romance, humor…and I DO take lemons! Be sure to proofread all your material prior to sending them to me! Hopefully this weekend I will put up the fanfic section and I will put my story on! So stay tuned! The section should be up no later than Sunday, July 29,2000! Gokusgirl

July 10, 2000 I'm sorry I haven't been updating...over three weeks ago we had a big storm that blew my modem I just go back on line. But I will be updating this page this week hopefully. Be sure to check out in the future (I really don't want to set any dates) for the multimedia page and movies summaries page. The Movie summaries are taking longer than I expected; you know there are 13, not to include the two movie specials with Turnks and Goku's Dad :) But other than that, thanks for coming by, and check out my NEW affiliate, yes...FUNIMATION! You know, I had my doubts in them at one time; but I am actually pleased with what they have done with the recent releases of the DBZ episodes. So I kindly tip my hat off to them, good job guys! I know, a lot of you are probably booing me at this minute, but hey, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have NEVER know about DBZ. Where would my life be? I would be lost! :)

And I know it's asking a lot . . . but PLEASE...I'M BEGGING... sign my guestbook before you leave! Come back again real soon!


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